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Located in Zanesville, Ohio, Laborers’ Local 530 proudly serves the jurisdiction of Muskingum, Perry, Noble, and Guernsey Counties. The local represents approximately 400 qualified men and women in the Building and Construction trades. Local 530 utilizes and supplies over 100 signatory contractors, in Building, Heavy Highway and Pipeline Construction, with committed, skilled, and experienced laborers.

Chartered on April 2, 1934, Laborers’ Local 530 is an affiliate of Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C., with membership estimated at 500,000 in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. LIUNA celebrated an outstanding “100 Years” on April 13, 2003.

Laborers Local 530 is affiliated with the Parkersburg-Marietta Building, Upper Ohio Valley Building & Construction Trades Council AFL-CIO.

With ongoing participation, Local 530 members attend the Drexel J. Thrash Training Center in Millwood, Ohio which offers over 75 certified technical classes in the most advantageous programs of our construction industry. A state-of-the-art academic institution, it provides a residential campus facility offering an extensive curriculum. Members also have access to training through the Parkersburg-Marietta Building & Construction Trades Educational and Development Fund, which offers courses such as 10 hour and 30-hour OSHA classes, first-aid training, and alcohol awareness classes. Also bringing the most up-to-date Pipeline training, which includes a two-week, 80-hour Gas Pipeline Worker Course.

Local 530 union meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in our union hall at 1254 Linden Ave. Zanesville, OH.

Laborers Benefits

The Ohio Laborers Benefits Office offers great benefits to eligible Laborers throughout the state of Ohio. To learn more about the benefits offered, please visit  www.ohiolaborers.com


Insurance Benefits include:

  • Medical (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield)  http://www.anthem.com
  • Prescription (Envision/Rx Options)  http://www.envisionrx.com
  • Vision (National Vision Administrators – NVA)  http://www.e-nva.com
  • Death and Dismemberment
  • Short-term Disability
  • Retiree insurance
  • Wellness and Disease Management Programs

You will establish your initial eligibility for insurance benefits the first of the month after you have worked 450 hours as a laborer (providing the 450 hours are in a six consecutive month period).

Once you meet initial eligibility requirements, eligibility is looked at on a monthly basis. If you meet any of the following for a given month, you will continue eligibility for that month:

  • 225 hours in the first three months of the five months immediately preceding the month of coverage; or
  • 225 hours in the first three months of the four months immediately preceding the month of coverage; or
  • 1000 hours in the first 12 months of the 14 months immediately preceding the month of coverage; or
  • 1000 hours in the first 12 months of the 13 months immediately preceding the month of coverage

So, if you work 225 hours every three month period or 1000 hours in every 12 month period, you will maintain your insurance benefits. 1000 hours every year does not automatically mean that you will continue to be eligible. The formulas look at every twelve month period separately (January – December, February – January, March – February, etc.)

There is no cost to you associated with establishing or maintaining your eligibility as long as you meet the eligibility requirements described above, regardless of the number of dependents you have. As part of the Laborers wage package, your contractors are required to pay a set amount for every hour you work as a laborer.

Pension Benefits:

  • Need 5 credits to be vested – you must be vested to receive any type of pension benefit
  • One credit per year max
  • 1000 hours in calendar year = 1 pension credit
  • 750 hours = ¾ credit, 500 hours = ½ credit, 250 hours = ¼ credit
  • 5 consecutive years without a credit (or partial credit) and not already vested = forfeiture of all your hours/credits before the break.
  • OLFBP offers several different types of pension to choose from:
  • Regular Retirement – age 60, 5 credits *
  • Early Retirement – age 53, 10 credits * (benefit reduced by ¼% for every month you are under age 60)
  • Special Service Retirement – age 53, 30 credits,* retire early without the reduction


The Pension Fund also offers two types of Disability Pension Benefits for members who are unable to work, have 10 credits, and meet additional disability rules

Accrued Vested Retirement – age 65, 5 years participation, and not under a break in service

* Requirements are current rules only.

In general, the gross amount of your monthly pension benefit is calculated one of two ways. The higher benefit calculation is automatically awarded.

The number of pension credits you have received multiplied by $74, or

The total number of hours worked multiplied by $.064

Note: Benefit can then be reduced for spousal option


1254 Linden Ave, Zanesville, OH 43701
P: (740) 453-1214
F: (740) 453-3807
E: laborers530@yahoo.com

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